• SEP - Today

    Front-end Team Lead

    Ayvens (Formerly ALD - Leaseplan)

    Ayvens, formerly ALD-LeasePlan, leads global sustainable mobility across 44 countries with 3.4 million vehicles, integrating leasing, fleet management, and multi-mobility solutions.

    • Managed and mentored 6 front-end developers across 3 distinct teams. Established individual SMART goals aligned with company vision, project objectives, and personal growth plans
    • Led the advocacy for enhanced web accessibility, delivering impactful company-wide front-end guild talks that directly influenced the enhancement of our in-house design system (Velocity UI)
    • Led a team effort to integrate Datadog monitoring tools, resulting in debugging the root cause of slow load times and automatically correlating React performance data with user journeys and logs
  • JAN - Aug

    Staff Front-end Engineer - Tech Lead

    Navan (Formerly TripActions)

    Navan (previously TripActions) is a travel management, corporate card, and expense management company for businesses.

    • Served as tech lead for 5 front-end developers in both Chatbot and Personal Assistant teams, actively participating in recruitment by conducting interviews and enhancing the technical interview framework
    • Proposed and led a project to restructure the chat app, resulting in reduced loading time (by 300% in some cases), smaller bundle size (from 2MB to 500KB), boosted performance, and fewer bugs
    • Integrated the chat app with the New Relic for better monitoring. Introduced Storybook and Typescript, streamlining UI component development and management within our design system, advancing developer experience, improving code maintainability, and reducing Cycle time by 15%
    • Worked closely with the engineering directors, product managers, UX designers, and stakeholders to plan a comprehensive roadmap for implementing all the above changes, and led the team in executing
    • Efficiently delegated tasks, ensured that software documentation was complete and accurate, and remediated group conflicts in an Agile team
    • Collaborated on the architecture, design, and development (SDLC) of Ava personal assistant feature and service which is leveraging the OpenAI (ChatGPT) large language model (LLM)
  • JUL - JAN

    Senior Front-end Engineer

    Navan (Formerly TripActions)

    I began my tenure at Navan by joining the admin team, then transitioned to the support channels team before being promoted to Staff Front-end Engineer, Tech lead.

    • Collaborated with the Admin team to merge two admin panels for expense and travel using Angular
    • Led the update and refactor of the travel agents' desktop web app, and facilitated migrating a legacy super admin app from AngularJS to the latest Angular, reducing system complexity and maintenance costs
    • Implemented auto-phasing, auto-suggest, and auto-complete features for the support channels team, saving the company $61.5k monthly
  • JAN - JUN

    Senior Front-end Engineer, Tech Lead


    Fanap ICT is one of the leading companies in Iran's IT market.

    • Architected web application using TypeScript, React, Redux and JSS (CSS in JS)
    • Mentored 3 front-end developers to improve their skills by providing ongoing support and resources
    • Enhanced app performance by around 10% with the help of React profiling tools and Chrome Lighthouse
    • Developed multilingual, Internationalized, and accessible application following i18n and a11y best practices
    • Improved code quality and reliability by introducing unit and end-to-end tests using Testing Library, Jest, and Cypress. Integrated the tests into CI/CD pipelines for faster feedback loops
    • Implemented a state-of-the-art WebRTC-based live streaming player with custom controls
    • Engaged in the hiring process through candidate interviews and played a key role in optimizing technical interview structure
  • DEC - JAN

    Front-end Developer


    Zhaket is the largest marketplace for website templates and plugins for Iranian developers (similar to Envato). With more than 120K users and 1K developers, it is by far the market leader.

    • Developed responsive SSR (server-side render) web application using JavaScript, NextJS, React, Redux, and Sass
    • Created a new feature-rich WYSIWYG HTML editor which raised user satisfaction by around 30% based on conducted surveys
    • Engaged in building and developing three different user interfaces for retailers, customers, and admins
  • SEP - DEC

    Front-end Developer


    ChiCheraa was a start-up offering an AI-based guide for buying tech gadget.

    • Coordinated with the design team to move towards a more Agile methodology by quickly prototyping the application using TypeScript, Sass, React, and Redux
    • Contributed to the development of a PWA by collaborating on crafting user stories as part of the team
  • SEP - SEP

    Front-end Developer


    Mava is an Iranian e-commerce company providing educational tools for students.

    • Established a new design system with the cooperation of the design team
    • Refactored and optimized website performance by 55%, which previously utilized jQuery and HandlebarsJS
  • JUN - SEP

    Front-end Developer


    Built 10+ websites for companies in Music, Education, and other industries using HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, Node.js, ES6+, WordPress, OpenCart and other CMSs