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    Senior Front-end Developer



    • JAN - JUN

      Senior Front-end Developer


      1 year & 6 months - Fanap ICT is one of the largest IT companies in the middle east. It is also the leading company in Iran's IT market. I am working on Behnama (IP video surveillance software, similar to Genetec) and Behkhan (License plate recognition software)

      • Architecting web application using TypeScript, React, Redux and JSS (CSS in JS)
      • Developing multilingual, international, and accessible application following i18n and a11y best practices
      • Improving code quality by adding unit and E2E tests and running them in CI (Continuous Integration) using Testing Library, Jest and Cypress
      • Reducing bundle size up to nearly 20% and improving performance around 10% with the help of React profiling tools and Chrome Lighthouse
      • Creating a WebRTC based live streaming player with custom controls
      • Efficiently delegating tasks, ensuring that software documentation is complete and accurate, and remediating group conflicts in an Agile team
      • Mentoring other front-end developers to learn best practices and trending technologies
      • Serving as a front-end consultant to the company‚Äôs other software teams (Behsima, Behkhan)
    • DEC - JAN

      Front-end Developer


      1 year & 2 months - Zhaket is the largest marketplace for website templates and plugins for Iranian developers and also, by far the market leader. similar to Envato

      • Developing responsive and SSR (server-side rendered) web application using JavaScript, Next JS, React, Redux, and Sass
      • Creating a new feature-rich WYSIWYG HTML editor which improved user satisfaction around 30% based on on-site surveys
      • Building a state of the art front-end framework and developing three different user interfaces for retailers, customers, and admins
    • SEP - DEC

      Front-end Developer


      1 year & 4 months - ChiCheraa is a start-up offering an AI-based guide for buying tech gadgets

      • Working closely with the design team to move towards a more Agile methodology by quickly prototyping application using TypeScript, Sass, React, and Redux
      • Developing PWA application as a team member within our process of writing user stories
    • SEP - SEP

      Front-end Developer


      2 years & 1 month - Mava is an Iranian e-commerce company providing educational tools for students

      • Implementing a new design system with the cooperation of the design team
      • Refactoring website which had been written by jQuery, Require JS, and Handlebars JS
    • JUN - SEP

      Front-end Developer


      2 years & 4 months - As a freelance front-end developer, I worked on several projects with several companies

      • Concrete plant website (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Vanilla JS, ES6+)
      • Music academy blog (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Vanilla JS, ES6+, WordPress)
      • Law firm reservation system (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Vanilla JS)
      • Industrial company website (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Vanilla JS)
      • Music news agency (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Vanilla JS, WordPress)
      • E-commerce website (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Vanilla JS, OpenCart)